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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Repetitive Hedonism

I used to compulsively write on this site. I haven’t lately. I miss it.

My mother doesn’t think anyone in my family is even the slightest bit compulsive or obsessive. She makes this claim by comparing me & my 3 siblings to my first cousins (who happen to be the same ages as us). They do so many things to the nth degree. According to Mom, they drink too much... too often (I personally love them for this...no one is more fun at weddings...no one). I stopped by one of the cousins houses a few weeks ago unannounced. It was 11 AM on a Saturday & she & her husband & kids were sound asleep still...having gone on a typical Friday night bender at her sister’s house (one sis asleep on the floor of the other sis’s house like some drunken sorority girl)...I was impressed.

Like I said, if they’re going to do something...it simply will not be done without some extreme being hit. One of the cousins is a runner. Can she run a couple of miles & call it a day? Oh no...it’s 10 miles a day (EVERY day) or nothing (& it’s never nothing).

The list could go on. What I’m trying to say here is...I think I have a small obsessive streak running through me that I didn’t fully appreciate until now. Last week I went out during the week 3 times. That’s 3 more than I usually go out during the week. I blame it all on the live concerts on the river & the Summer air. The more I went out...the more I wanted to keep going out...going straight home after work just wasn’t going to do at all. It’s sort of like the groove most women get into with sex (let me know if I’ve got this all wrong girls). If I’ve been having sex every glorious day for a long stretch...I crave it with every fiber of my being...but (why is there always a big butt? Who loves Pee Wee...I’m just saying)...but if for some reason there’s no sex to be had ...& a couple of days go by...strike that...at least a week & a half...something like that...I stop craving it so badly...I go into that sexual camel mode (women are like sexual camels...I got that from somewhere...but where? I don’t remember)...Do you know what I mean? I’m ok without it for a while.

Anyway, I’m not sure if anything I’m feeling falls into the category of compulsion or obsession...maybe there’s just something to be said for repetitive hedonism?

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