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Thursday, July 20, 2006


OK...I have this rash on my right forearm...but you can't really see it...unless you hold it up to the light just right. It itches like a small bitch & I don't know what it is. My Hubby swears that he can barely see it & that it isn't poison ivy. I'm just hoping against hope that it isn't some sort of flesh eating bacteria...because I doubt I'd be good at handling that.

I'm thinking it's either stress or some weird germ I picked up at the DMV 2 days ago when I leaned on the counter in frustration at their serious lack of speed or comprehension. I'd take a pic to show you...but all you'd see is a pale arm & you'd have to imagine the faint rash (same as you would have to do in non Blogger life).

While looking for a pic...I searched Google Images for "rash"...ugh...how disgusting...don't do it if you know what's good for you (if you currently don't have a rash...you will after looking at these fine examples of puke-i-tude).

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