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Thursday, July 13, 2006


So...she turned the channel on the TV I was watching without even looking my way to ask me if she could. Was it me...or should she have had the human courtesy to ask me first?

I sat there on the stationary bike, in the middle of the gym, & pondered this while thinking about maybe growing a spine when I noticed what she had turned the channel to...get this...she was watching "Full House" & laughing...laughing out loud even...while watching...um..."Full House" ??? I didn't really think that this was possible.

Was she laughing at Bob Saget...or Blackie...or those creepy anorexic twins? (wasn't the middle daughter a drug addict after that show too). No. no. no...it all was too surreal for me to comprehend. One of us must have been crazy & I'm thinking it truly was not me this time.

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