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Friday, August 18, 2006


No...unfortunately I haven’t ditched it all & ran off to the beach for good. It’s not like I didn’t try. I haven’t been on vacation this whole damn time...too bad for me, right?

I’ll tell you about my vacation soon...& yes, I have pictures to go with it all (even a couple of little phone movies too). When I finally get my shit together I’ll share it with you...I will.

Why the picture of the balls you ask? Well, have you ever had the kind of day where it feels like life has grabbed you by the testicles & swung you around just a little bit? Yeah, I realize I don’t actually have any balls in the physical sense (& it could also be said that I need to start hanging out with more girls lately)...but it kinda illustrates my point nicely.

The baseballs also signify my upcoming weekend pilgrimage to Boston to see the Sox take on the yanks. Double header today...then I get to see Beckett (my 1st time...oh yeah...make it good) against the big ugly unit. There will be photos to come from this little trip too. If you said, "yeah right, Chick...you’ve been too sporadic here lately...I’m not holding my breath"...I really couldn’t blame you...it’s all been a test...you know...to see how fucking optimistic you are.

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