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Sunday, September 24, 2006


It’s off to Minneapolis for me in the morning at...get this...4AM...the airlines suck...that’s all I’m saying.

Right now I’m packing. Seems that the weather where I’m going isn’t going to be so incredibly warm...what’s a girl to pack? Layers? But I don’t want to check my luggage for such a short trip...how will I fit it all in my small bag? Yeah, yeah...lots of other inane thoughts are running through my mind right now...like...why did I find myself alone at the bar during a family party at a restaurant yesterday watching the Rutgers game? I went in for a drink & then couldn’t leave. I think I might be a sports obsessed...guy?? (Nope...I checked for a penis...whew...still not sprouting one...how glad do you think I was? I’ll answer that...very glad).

OK, I’m going to go now...still gotta recharge my iPod for my long trip. I downloaded last season’s ending episode of The Office (gotta love a show that can make you laugh AND cry) & will watch it during my layover in Chicago.

I’ll be back next week if Minneapolis doesn’t swallow me up whole.

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