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Friday, October 20, 2006


Bitching & Wine-ing

( I'm a sucker for cool label artwork.)

Saturday was spent in Upstate NY.

Went to three wineries in the area with a tiny crowd of friends &
slightly related people.

The foliage was divine & the wine was herbaceous while at the same time...not too pretentious.

Yeah...in my over ambitious fervor to fit in with the snobby wine
saps...I started sprouting verbiage like that above line.

I cracked myself up at the load of crap I was uttering & amused myself
some more by reading the map wrong on purpose & saying inane things
like..."according to this map...we should be there in like...2 inches"
(laugh for me...no one else did...pity...I'm asking for pity here...

HERE are
the photos.

I bought some of this wine because of the poem & label...& it was
better than expected too.

"Once a year in the dead of night
 we crush this wine, blood-red, not white.
 The perfect libation for a nocturnal affair,
 to be drunk with a meal or a friend...
 ...if you dare."

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