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Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm Back

I had a great time in Minneapolis. The city has got a much funkier skyline than I expected, don’t ya think? I didn’t have much time there, so I tried to cram it all in. In a day & a half...I:

Walked around the city.
Sampled the local beer.
Got my first glimpse of the Mississippi.
Ran a red light ( their lights are on the side...who’d see that?).
Saw some arty, art.
Shopped at the mall to end all malls.
Saw Santana pitch.
Froze...just a little.

HERE are the rest of my photos...view them in reverse order(the site loaded them backwards...which seems oddly fitting & I have no idea why).

Why was I obsessed with seeing this spoon sculpture? Why?

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