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Monday, October 16, 2006


One Beer

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(Suuure I could go for one beer).

Got a series of e-mails from my friend PD at the end of my work day last week:

PD: If you're getting out normal time and feel like having like one beer, I'd be up for it.

Me: I'm at my other office today...does that work for you?

PD: Where to meet?  When?  Sounds potentially like a logistical nightmare. (Notice I'm trying to make you do all the work).

Me: I'll meet you where we met last time.
Um...One beer?

PD: Now that you mention it, one beer is silly. I would end up staying for more & getting heat.  So much for my spontaneity.
Hope its not another year past when we do.

Me: Thanks a lot.
See you around sometime...you suck.

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