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Friday, October 27, 2006

Some more photos for you...


"I love the impatience of New York... You ever had somebody not-ask you for directions, but demand them? You're just innocently walking down the street, you hear a horn, all of a sudden some guy's like, 'HOLLAND TUNNEL!!!' ...You know like you were supposed to fax this guy directions. Suddenly, you're wasting HIS time. 'Let's go buddy! Holland tunnel!' '...Uh..I-I was just going to the store... I didn't realize it was my shift. Well, let's see... the Holland Tunnel is in my ass... alright?"

~Don't know who said this...some comedian I think.

World Trade Center Site

"It's a fickle town, a tough town. They getcha, boy. They don't let you escape with minor scratches & bruises. They put scars on you here."

~Reggie Jackson (fuck...& I find myself actually quoting a yankee??!!)

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