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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving

(my nieces aren't allowed to eat on Thanksgiving until they draw for me...even if they don't want to...or cry...I tell them...my house...my rules...& I thank you dad for the freedom to say things like that.)

Am I glad that Thanksgiving is here?

Hard to say.

I'm glad that I took 3 days off this week.

I'm glad that I got to start my days in the best possible way.

I'm glad I'm kicking ass in getting things done around here.

But I'm not glad that I seem to be letting the stress of it all worm it's way into my body & mind.

My mother's gonna call any minute. I just feel it. She's going to ask if I need any help. In her mind this is not a question. In her mind I NEED help. I'll say, "no mom...I've got things covered...but thanks for asking"...& she'll run down her mental list of what I should have gotten done my now & I'll silently sit there letting the words enter my ears while I swallow the vomit coming up from my soul...I'm being too dramatic?...you say...have you met my mother?...I say.

Happy Thanksgiving...I'm stopping my whining right now...damn it...

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