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Monday, November 27, 2006


The island was beautiful. I have photos that I've hidden away somewhere showing the huge palm trees & exotic beaches...I'll look for them. It was years ago that I went away on vacation with a girlfriend. We chose one of those all inclusive deals. We were both single-ish with some degree of a boyfriend each...but wanting to enjoy a girlie vacation.

We landed on the edge of a tropical island with #30 sunblock, a couple of bathing suits, T-shirts & not much else.

This island happened to be French, topless & lovely. The fact that rum was about half the price of bottled water didn't bother us one damn bit. We melted into paradise & never wanted to leave. We joked about missing our return flight home on purpose.

We'd see Laurie & Jess everyday at breakfast. They were sisters from Atlanta & they'd usually end up being at the center of any crowd. Jess had huge blue eyes & even huger breasts...I only say that because this one guy kept trying to sit by her at dinner most nights. He'd drop little gems like..."what a great set of EYES you have"...(said while starring straight at her bikini top just willing her nipples to poke their friendly selves through). We'd laugh ourselves silly (willing him to either leave or entertain us some more).

One night the tropical air (& possible too much rum) got the best of me...so my friend walked me back to our room. It was still early...so I told her that I'd be OK & that she should go back out & have fun (what fun was I going to be all passed out & sloopy?).

She left & I drifted off laying there in my clothes. I started having these visions in my head about that annoying guy from dinner. I tossed & turned...but his face kept appearing to me in a foggy nightmare, he was everywhere. I was too out of it to know that I just should have gotten up...splashed some cold water on my face...& gone back to bed...then maybe this horrible image would have left me.

I have no idea how long it took me to actually try to get up...no idea at all...all I know is when I tried...I couldn't. I felt weighted down. How much did I drink that my limbs no longer worked? I tried to move again with little success & then I heard it...a voice told me to stop moving...the Earth stopped spinning & I froze...I've never sobered up so quickly before or since.

My body went still & my mind started to race. Someone was there in the dark with me & I knew without seeing his face...I knew who it was. He was over me...he was crushing me to the bed. He began to tug at my clothes. I tried not to panic...but the tears started pouring & he started laughing...laughing...the son of a bitch started laughing...I gave it my all & pushed him almost all of the way off of me...he came back & placed one hand over my mouth & the other around my throat & squeezed...I choked & couldn't breathe.

At this piont the lights flashed on & my girlfriend was standing in the doorway in disbelief. I still couldn't speak. He just looked at her & tried to jerk me up by the arm & drag me past her to the beach...saying that I wanted to go...that I needed a walk.

When she started screaming..."Get the fuck out of here now"...he left & mumbled something about the fact that we deserved each other...probably the only truth to ever come out of his mouth.

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