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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Oh Nothing

As I'm sitting here typing this...I have half a clementine shoved in my mouth...that's just the kinda day today's going to be.

Know what I love more than anything? I love it when the guy that's fixing your gutter (whommmm you've forgotten was scheduled to show up today...oh...by the way) is standing on your roof looking at you blog in your pj's while stuffing huge pieces of fruit into your mouth...love it.

I also can not contain myself when I try to jam my weekly food shopping trip into my Wednesday night...entering the store at 8:50 not being aware that on that night (& that night only)...they close their doors at 9PM. Why the hell don't you think they told me this as I breezed in carelessly with a shopping cart 10 stinkin minutes before closing time? Did they want to see me race around the store after they made their...WE ARE CLOSING IN 5 MINUTES...announcement? Did they actually want me to plow into the slow (& by slow I DO mean mentally challenged this time) shoppers who happened to be in the way of my progress? BTW...I DID finish my shopping in just a smidge under 11.2 minutes.

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