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Monday, November 13, 2006


Self Service

Ever use those self-checkout aisles in the supermarket?
I usually don't.
For some reason this Saturday I did.
After much swearing at the voice coming out of the scanner
'cuz it kept on telling me that...
Then shutting down my progress
until I shoved my stuff all the way down the counter
then having to scan most of my UPC codes 2x
(until the swearing stopped pouring out of my mouth)
I finally started bagging my loot...

As I was doing this
Along comes Mr. Happy Shopper Man
& what does he do with a smile?
He starts adding to my bill with his very own purchases
Until I screamed...stop!
(or maybe I said...hey motherfucker what do you think you're doing?!...ok...
maybe I did just say stop).

He scanned his thousand pound bag of kitty litter onto my bill.

It seriously took the checkout girl about 20 mins
to get this all straightened out.

She took my tea & apples off the bill too
By innocent mistake
& I didn't stop her
(it only amounted to a buck 86 in free shit for me)
but still...

Is it worth another self-service try to next time?

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