...a male & female point of view...We are two former coworkers who share similar ideas on what's absurd...or just plain funny...thought we could offer a unique view on life & stuff...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



...kindness & beauty, softness & curves, hardness that yields, music, solace, green apples, sustenance, trains that rumble ahead, fear, pushed onto the tracks, worry, breathe, fly, get dirty, passion, flowers under a cloudy sky, sunrises in the desert, ice cream, drool, look, long, treadmills that go too fast, traffic, love letters, flannel shirts, laughter, animal crackers, black & white photos, the philosophy of art, shoeboxes, reactions, honey, numbers, ribs that break & hugs with intent, stockings that go up to here, smiling eyes...

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