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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


As I sit here in an uncomfortable blue padded chair in U.S. District Court...I thank goodness for blogging...otherwise, what would I do with myself while waiting for the clerk to call my # during my thrilling day serving on jury duty?

I brought books, magazines & my iPod with me...but right now I'm in the process of being pissed that my cell phone doesn't seem to be able to make outgoing calls from here (some people around me aren't having this particular problem & it's just adding to my annoyance).

The Rachel Ray Show is blaring out of the TV right now & if she says, "Hi, it's Raych here", one more damn time...I swear...I'll smash her skull.

Getting here was no day at the beach either, sitting in traffic at 7AM felt worse than having a dirty knife shoved under my rib cage & twisted to the right.

As I followed the directions they gave me (turn left at the 11th light...ugh) a cop directing traffic yelled at me to go straight when I actually needed to turn left...he made me stop, lower my window..."I said go straight!"...he screamed. At this point I'd had just about enough of him..."I don't know where I'm going!"...I whined..."all I know is I have to go left". I'm sure he had a slight chance to take down my license plate #'s as I ran over his foot...but I no longer had the ability within me to care.

I finally got to the parking lot, walked 2 blocks & ended up in the Immigration Building...one look at me & they sent me packing across the street to the correct building & into the jury room. I checked in, sat down & proceeded to jam my stuck (& stuck good) zipper down & take off my coat...so far it's been a glorious clusterfuck of a day...I'll keep you posted,

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