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Thursday, January 25, 2007


As I was pulling into a parking lot the other day

I spotted a nicely dressed older woman getting out of her car.

(If I had an Aunt Betty...this is what she'd look like...I thought.)

She was headed to the dry cleaners & was meticulously

taking clothes out of her back seat

& folding them over her arm in a neat, almost graceful way.

(Unlike me...who usually throws a bundle of clothes
at the lady behind the counter & leaves.)

I'd like to be like this lady someday...

older (beats the alternative) & sort of refined.

I sat there thinking...this bitch has got her shit together.

(OK...I have some work to do on the refined part...come to think of it...I have to work on the whole...having my shit together thing too...but I have to have goals, right?)

I watched as she elegantly walked to the door of the dry cleaners & pulled the door open.

Only the door didn't open...for some reason they turned out to be closed.

What did this refined, elegant woman of a certain age do?

She dropped her clothes on the ground while violently shaking the doors & cursing.

I laughed so hard thinking that I'd set my sights too high...

I was sort of like her already.

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