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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year

Hope it's been all that you thought it would be...so far.

I spent the weekend enjoying the global warming around here...it's been in the 50's with no snow in sight. I could get used to weather like this. I went for a 3 hour hike in the woods with my nephews on Sunday. Tired me right the hell out...but cleared my head.

So far this year I've...cut myself pretty well while putting away a set of kitchen knives that I got as a gift for Christmas (damn...those straight cuts always bleed so much)...then while cooking later in the day...I went to grab a spoon that I foolishly left in the pot of boiling hot spaghetti sauce...crap...why does it always take the brain a full second to catch up with the body sometimes? I held onto that spoon with pain shooting up my scorched fingers for what seemed like forever...ouch...you can still see a faint spoon handle outline on 2 of my fingers. Later, I treated myself to a blistering hot bath which turned out to be not the best idea I've ever had...when I put my burned hand under such hot water I thought I would die...you know...the kind of intense pain that is so sudden & sharp but only lasts for .000003 of a second...but you know without a doubt that you'd die if it lasted a faction of a second longer.

Happy New Year...I wish you all the best.

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