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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Random Stuff

Johnny Rat asked for a tie dyed tear...well...here's the best I could do.

As I was walking into a store yesterday...a woman was walking out. This woman threw me for a big loop. I'm still thinking about her a day later. Why?...you ask. Because she was the biggest woman I have ever seen in my life, that's why. No, she wasn't fat...not that kind of big...she was tall...& when I say tall...I mean tall for a man. She ducked (I'm not kidding)...she ducked coming through the doorway. I actually gasped. The woman scraped the sky at about 6' 5". She threw my perspective off totally & completely.

The stars here last night took my breath away. It was a perfect Winter sky. I haven't seen that many stars in a very long time & yeah...I made a wish.

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