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Wednesday, February 07, 2007



I know...I know...Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday...but did anyone else watch the World Hamburger Eating Contest ? ESPN2 covered it live & they even had helmet cams so you could view the food going right down the contestant's gullets from their view. It was so disgusting...I couldn't look away.

Anyone who watches the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest every 4th of July knows who Takeru Kobayashi is. He's the small guy who eats like a machine. He dips the bun & meat in water (as they all do now) & shoves the whole stinkin thing down his throat without chewing. He ate 97 burgers in 8 minutes. Granted, they are small Krystal burgers (the same size as White Castles)...but still (I think I could kill about 15...maybe...but I eat slow). His profile says that he holds world records in eating the most rice balls, hotdogs & cow brains...among other things.

I find this whole competitive eating thing...fascinating. As teenagers a group of us used to take day trips to the beach & sit in the sun all day gorging on so much crap. I'd never win the "how many donut holes can you fit in your mouth" contest. I never even came close. It was always won by my friend Jo who was a ringer. She'd fool 'em every damn time. Her record was 12 & she'd leave the big guys in awe...they never saw it coming...beaten by a GIRL (with a huge mouth)...talent comes in all shapes & sizes...whatever...it amused me & apparently still does.

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