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Monday, February 26, 2007


Notes on my day:

I almost got hit by a garbage truck while driving to work this morning. The truck was pulling out onto a side street. He was making a left. I was fast approaching from behind his right side...but hey...I got there first...what was he doing continuing on?...like I wasn't even there? What? He has a blind spot the exact size of my car with me in it? Who'd have figured that?

I ripped my pants...on the inseam at noon-ish today. My thigh busted through. Are my pants not so subtly trying to tell me something? How rude...they could have done it in private...they surely could have.

Eeeww...just saw a woman in the bathroom at work with no shoes on. I'd rather have someone madly tickle my feet without restraint (& trust me...I hate that) than ever go into a public bathroom with my feet bare like that. Eeew.

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