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Wednesday, February 28, 2007



I found this store in my travels not long ago.

It's a stripped down, bare bones kind if place that doesn't mess around.

You want tank tops in every conceivable color?

They got 'em.

You want 'em for about 6 bucks each?

No problem.

6 bucks?!

I was in heaven.

Did I need every stinkin color?

Not really...but did I mention...THEY WERE 6 DOLLARS!

Oh...& did I mention the affordable cashmere scarves & sweaters?

I was like a kid with ADD...running around the store...

...getting distracted by things with bright colors seen from the corner of my eye.

...running from corner to corner of the store like crack whore trying to get her next fix (whatever).

If you aren't in the area...check out the store site.

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