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Tuesday, March 06, 2007



Driving home the other night I got bored. So, out came the camera. As I looked through the lens (& tried not to kill myself while not exactly keeping me eyes on the road), I found that the oncoming lights sort of warmed me. It's been so cold around here lately...if I don't seek out warmth every once in a while...I will freeze...I'm certain of it.

This time of year is a little bit uninspirational to me...it's too cold (already bitched about that above...sorry), seems spring will never come & with it...bring baseball. I don't have a sport to follow this time of year. I tried watching hockey...but that just made me feel colder & basketball leaves me feeling all dead inside...have you ever watched a game on TV?...ugh...all that sneaker squeeking could drive you to kill someone.

Where's Spring...I need a sign.

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