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Friday, March 09, 2007


& the Eyes Have It

Have you ever looked so hard & so long at your monitor that your eyes feel like they are partially popping out of your skull? (this usually happens to me at work...although I suppose it happens from time to time while viewing erotica...OK...PORN too).

I was taking an eye burning break from viewing the screen at work the other day & rubbing my eyes. I didn't realize that I was rubbing them so hard that when I attempted to look at the screen again all I saw was blurry yellow spots...of course this is when someone called me about work & I actually had to talk about what was on my screen in detail...ugh...I could not see a thing through the blurry haze for about 3 minutes & by then the conversation was over & they thought I'd been drinking on the job.

I went to the gym at lunch...I dutifully did what I had to do...& when I was done, I sort of misplaced my locker key...couldn't find the damn thing anywhere. In the process of retracing my steps, a guy got up from the seat of one of the weight machines I'd used earlier & there was my key. He was sitting on it & hadn't realized. Um...how much ass does one guy have to be sporting...to not notice a locker key piercing into his flesh?

Oh Yeah...it was one of THOSE days...but all was not lost, this weekend is supposed to warm up to a soul scorching 50 degrees & if my mechanic does not steal all of my hard earned money (my car needs breaks...like I NEED breaks...sheesh...come to think of it...he makes me feel like something sharp has been shoved up my ass when I deal with him...the money grubbing crook...ouch)...I should have a good weekend. I envision myself feeling like a piece of meat that's been taken out of the freezer to thaw.

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