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Monday, March 19, 2007


I spent my Sunday on the West side visiting a friend in Roosevelt Hospital. I was met at the train by my friend’s cousin. I’d met her once before at a party long ago. After the normal ‘hellos’ we ended up walking a couple blocks in silence. Do you find it to be true that you either hit it off instantly with a person...or you don’t? I hate to put it that way...but...I could sort of tell that she viewed the day’s scenario as one of convenience...rather than one of potential friendship. I think she was comforted by the fact that she had someone to walk over to the hospital with...but...maybe that was the end of the perks of actually having me there.

As we were walking, I pondered this...& failed to look down at an intersection & promptly found myself knee deep in freezing slush on the corner of 57th & 10th. Ugh...I’d be freezing & wet for the rest of the damn day.

As we walked through the lobby of the hospital (I sloshed)...we said, hello to the security guard who didn’t stop us, check us in, or generally do anything security-ish at all. It kind of unnerved me...but...whatever.

We spent some time with my friend. I’d brought her some flowers & they brightened up the room. This is the greyest place I have ever seen. Grey walls, grey beds, grey blankets...you get the idea. Let me ask you this...what else can you bring to a hospital to cheer someone up?

After the visit, the cousin & I walked out onto the street & she suggested going for lunch. Sure...I said...& we went off to a cute Irish bar near the hospital. I immediately ordered a pint & she ordered an iced tea (not a good sign...damn...she needed a drink too). She finished her iced tea & ordered a beer...only because every sentence out of my mouth after we’d ordered included something about me hating to drink alone. I was so glad she took my subtle hints. We had a much better time after that.

The bill for lunch came to 75 bucks...ooops...sort of a lot for lunch...but we ended up having a great time (the beers were no longer on special from St. Patrick’s Day...but at least they weren’t green).

OK...I can admit that I was a little bit quick to judge what kind of a lame-assed day I was going to have if I had to spend it with the silent cousin. Getting a few drinks into her definitely helped & the next time I see her we’ll just have to have a few cocktails immediately.

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