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Monday, April 09, 2007


Curvy 2.0

I was in the middle of a conversation with a bunch of people that I don't know that well. The topic came around to women & weight & why we are never happy. There were 3 of us involved in this official state matter (other than me...we had a guy & a girl squawking here)...the guy said something along the lines of liking a little meat on the bones...so appetizing (if he went as far as the whole meat reference as to talk about white meat or dark...I was leaving)...the woman said she'd like to lose a few pounds...I said...why are we never happy? & the guy said something that sounded like it had the word curvy in it...I can't be sure...because I may have blacked out for a sec...was that directed at me? The woman was smiling & nodding & pointing to my ass (just kidding...I was still dizzy at that point)...he didn't back down either...I must have stood there with a blank look on my face for just a split second too long...because he said...don't look at me like that...curvy's a good thing in my book (I want a copy of his book).

It's funny, I had a friend in school who'd say silly things like she never wanted to get breasts...she just didn't want the fuss or attention. Now she says things like...be careful what you wish for. She is flat as a board...I swear...her chest sinks in where her girlies should be...still makes me laugh...I think she may have wanted a little something...

I guess I'll take curvy over pancake flatness.

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