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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Easter at the sis's house was fun.

On the menu for the day's activities was:

Fighting with brother-inlaw about watching golf, the Mets or the yanks (hint...I wanted to watch the one that wasn't sort of like watching paint dry slowly).

Air kissing her in-laws with a smile.

Getting a makeover by a 5 year old using all the spare glitter in the universe (I looked smashing...like I'd had a collision with a disco ball...I told her this & she said..."what's a collision?"...then she thought for a bit & decided that it was ok to admit to not knowing what a disco ball was either).

Eating dinner perched on a folding chair the size of one butt check...shoved between my 14 year old nephew & his thousand year old grandmother (as the food was being passed around the table...I'd get quick whiffs of lamb, then Jean Nate from granny, then green beans, then boy sweat from my nephew).

Bro-in-law's sister went from tipsy to flat out plastered in 2 seconds flat (truly, I haven't seen drunk come on that fast since high school...it was fascinating to watch her pour herself a glass of white wine...& when I say pour...I mean all the way to the top...her glass was so full that she couldn't actually pick it up to bring it to her lips, her mouth had to come to the glass & slurp from it as it sat on the table...)

...dying I tell you...I was dying.

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