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Friday, April 20, 2007


My Latest Obsession

Ever watch Take Home Chef on the TLC channel? They ran a marathon of back to back to back shows the other night. I was in a food induced haze of great recipes & witty Australian humor (or is it humour?).

For the uninitiated...the premise of the show is simple: this wonderfully tall, charming Australian bloke walks up to an unsuspecting woman (who's usually on the hot side) & asks if she's cooking for someone special that night, she always says yes & then he offers to come home with her & cook her & her special someone a fabulous meal & pay for all her groceries AND she gets to help.

This man is a smarty too...he usually makes a pit stop at some restaurant supply place to pick up a present for the chick (& what girlie is not a complete sucker for a man baring gifts?).

He gets to the hottie's house & takes over her kitchen (another tip...if a man did this for me...I'd do exactly what the girls on the show do), the hottie chick then goes & changes into a more formal & oddly enough...usually cleavage baring outfit.

Then they prepare a sumptuous dinner & wait to ambush Mr. Boyfriend when he finally shows up. Along the way, Mr. Hot Australian says things like..."ok...grab your breast"...they were cooking duck BTW...then he turns slightly red & says "did I just say that?"

How can you not love a who picks up a cute woman at the store...finds out that she's Jewish & keeps a kosher kitchen, then asks her if she eats pork...when she says no...he says, "you mean you don't eat pigs...but say fuck you to the cows?"

Watch it...seems to have a little bit of something for everyone.

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