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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My Latest Obsession

The lovely Gusgreeper enlightened me on the power of John Fluevog shoes. I clicked on the site & haven't floated down to earth yet. Wow. These shoes seem to be the exact polar opposite of boring. Look at 'em! They appeal to my vintage loving soul while at the same time amusing the silly, cartoon-like guts inside of me.

I'll quote the guy too (read it out loud in a Peewee Herman voice...it's more effective that way...seriously, it just is):

"John has always seen himself as more than a Canadian shoe designer: "I'm an armchair philosopher, & artist & a style monger, my shoes & messages are quite simply a part of me." Make of them what you will - love 'em or leave 'em, they're just gonna keep on coming"

There's even a section of the site for submitting your own designs. I think I have to come up with something...because I'm inspired by these damn shoes...so, why the hell not?? Also...get this...they name them after you if they choose your design...talk about cool & insane immortality...damn...Chicky needs to get her name on some styling, well made, quality shoes (but don't we all?).

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