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Friday, April 13, 2007



I bought these shoes last Saturday. I walked around the store for half an hour in them. They are half a size too big. They kept slipping off my heel. I'll stuff the toes...I thought. You have to improvise when you wear an unpopular size (if anyone finds beautiful shoes in a size 5...feel free to send them my way...or at the very least...let me know where they are hiding). Unfortunately, stuffing the toes turned out to be a stupid idea...want to know why? Look at 'em...there's no toe to stuff.

I wore them on Easter & nearly killed myself. With every step I took...slip, pop, slide...damn shoes kept coming off.

Next time I wear them...I have to be prepared & buy those sticky heel pad things...yeah, maybe that will work.

It's painful...I know...& I'm not talking about the shoes here...sorry for this lame-o post...it was all I had this Friday.

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