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Saturday, April 28, 2007


So, Here's What Happened

I was on my way home from work early. I wanted to watch the Redsox/yanks game. I ended up being more than an hour late & was sort of...how should I say it?...discombobulated as I got closer to home. I was so out of it...that I didn't seem to notice Mr. Cop Man turn around in the middle of the road & follow me for a few blocks before turning on his flashers & trying to pull my ass right on over.

I pulled over after what I thought was blocks of bliss (because I didn't know he was back there thinking bad thoughts about an innocent citizen such as myself). This nice blond cop scanned his flashlight over the contents of my car & me. He asked if I knew why he'd stopped me...I said...nope...& he said...well...darlin' ( he called me darlin'...there was some hope here after all)...well...darlin' he said...you've got a tail light that's not working, did you know that? How the hell would I know that? Really? No...I said...I wasn't aware of that fact...but thanks for telling me (big smile...think he let me go?).

Nope...not so fast...he took my info & made me wait while he ran it through the cop checker computer. He came back to tell me that he really should write me up for this...because I'd had a few recent infractions & that ain't good. Why one thing has anything to do with the other is beyond me...but he was a cop...so I refrained from saying...whatever.

I let him enjoy admonishing me for speeding in the past & even said thanks (for what I do not know)...he let me go on my merry way & I went home & caught part of my game...if you could call it a game.

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