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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Happy Wednesday

Midweek...wooh...made it through...this far. I wore wedgie-sandals today that I constantly dragged on the floor as I walked. Annoying...I know & to make matters worse...I seemed to have to make raspberry noises every damn time my left foot hit the floor (sounded like...click, plllluh, click). OK...I didn't know how to spell the sound of a raspberry...so...this guy made a video of the art of raspberry-ing. (Turns out you CAN find anything you want on the internet).

Great shot for a cover, right? Here's a video of how this was created. Left out of the video is all of the boring bits...like the waiting around, the changing of every little thing until everyone is satisfied (or screaming like a loon on crack), the gazillion shots taken that are never used & all of the post processing...but it still sort of gives somewhat of an idea of the behind the scenes action & effort it takes for 7 pages of a story to be created.

Happy Wednesday.

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