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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Self Acceptance

What do you find sensual
About you...when you are alone with you?
Those things about you that sometimes cross your mind when you are twisted in your sheets
pleasing no one but yourself…..
List them
As many or as few as you want
Just a list describing it. The less words the better.
no talking around them
Anyone wanting to join in the squirming...publicly...or privately (e-mail)
Please feel free.
I'd love to hear them:

• Hands & soft touches.

• Lips - I'm a Chapstick junkie...so we're talking SOFT here.

• Nipples - I get so much damn pleasure out of them.

• Breasts - the undersides...so soft & sensitive.

• Hipbones - love to slowly run my hands over them.

• That spot below my belly button & above my...pressing my palm
there when I...oooohhh.

• Thighs - I like fullness there...grabbing them...squeezing that
flesh...holding on.

• The back of my knees...while I hate being tickled...here...I don't
mind...light brushes of fingertips to this soft & neglected spot gives
me shivers.

• Can I say lips again...but this time the other ones?

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