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Thursday, May 10, 2007



Sorry I've been gone for a week...or didn't you notice? Ah well, I've been sidelined with a sinus infection that hit me like a runaway train...then when I was beginning to feel better...the train backed up & hit me again. OK...enough with the dramatics.

Lorrie has tagged me...& it's been awhile...so...here goes.

I'm supposed to give you 7 not yet public facts about me:

1. Most mornings I eat yogurt & granola for breakfast. I have to violently stir my yogurt a lot of times to get the day rolling. Anyone who's seen this has only stared silently.

2. I never wanted a tattoo...but am now hooked on watching Miami Ink & fascinated.

3. My ass has been twitching a lot lately (what does that mean?).

4. I can peel potatoes faster than you.

5. I believe the neighborhood rule is all about looking the other way when other teams cheat.

6. I can not live without my Chapstick. Go ahead...steal it from me & see what happens.

7. I can make myself come without touching myself (yay me).

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