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Monday, June 18, 2007


A Good Day

I just enjoyed a couple of days off...loved it all...got to do some girlie things & see some friends...so all was pretty good.

Spent some time in the countryside...visited some galleries.

Took time to enjoy the details.

Fell in love with the the blue seascape...& it turned out to be a high quality print...so I could almost afford to buy it & take it home.

Shops on the canal (there were turtles in there).

The pretty day brought out the bikers.

OK...buying shoes made the day even better...

The doors of New Hope.

Had a girlie lunch of hummus & pita on the river...guys don't do hummus, do they?

A sign of things to come.

& the day was completed by having some (free...yeah...free) pints at the local brewery.


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