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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Nothing to Wear

Felt like crap this morning. Could it have been the huge panini that I scarfed down yesterday? I was full until...well...now. I feel like a huge blob of mozzarella cheese that's been left out in the sun to melt all over the sidewalk on a hot & humid Summer day.

As I was trying to get dressed for the day this morning I had a rough go of it. How would you dress if you felt all shapeless & gooey? My first instinct was to dress up & maybe the extra effort would make me feel better. On went a black shirt & a white top...but the skirt was cut too straight & made me feel hippy...so it was on to the black cropped pants & a tank top with a little jacket over that to hide the ultra pale arms.

OK...I left out two outfits between the two I just told you about because I feared that I was starting to sound pathetic. Guys almost never have these kind of mornings...am I right? Or is it fair to say they NEVER have mornings like this?

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