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Monday, July 23, 2007


There's Always a Big But...

As I was leaning into the trunk of my car the other day

(to change my CD's...I have one of those CD 6-CD changer thingies that resides in my trunk...as if that somehow makes sense)

My neighbor came by to say hello.

He's old as dirt & cute as pie

& usually we get along fine.

He decided his opening comment to me apparently needed some spice because he said, "hi, looks like you gained some weight over the Winter"

I hadn't seen him in a while & quite frankly I now do not care if I ever see the old bastard again.

I mean, does being old & cute give you the right to say such things?


To anyone?

(even if they happen to be true?)

I'll answer that...NO!

He walked away after my giant ass & I stood there for an embarrassingly long-assed time in silence & shock.

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