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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Milk & Honey?

I need to get back on my blog reading horse & start reading all of you again. I have no excuses, so I'll offer none.

I got a tea with milk & honey from a little cafe & brought it back to my desk today only to find that it tasted like coffee & I am not a fan but I felt compelled to drink it anyway so as not to waste the .02 cents worth of water that went into my tea fiasco.

Randomness abounds today so I'm embracing it. I had a dream last night about either losing my car or having it stolen...the dream gods weren't very clear on which on it was. You know that feeling...when you either lose something...or someone steals it from you? Well, that's how I woke up this morning. I felt off balance. I looked up stolen cars in the dreamers dictionary & they said, "To dream that you car has been stolen, indicates that you are being stripped of your identity." Huh? What? They went on to say that this either has to do with relationships in your life or your job. Either way...it ain't looking good.

I went shopping with Mom this weekend so we could argue & look at clothes. She has this thing about finding just the right piece of clothing for whichever daughter she's currently shopping with. It was my turn...so we went. She thought it was funny when I bounded out of the dressing room with the ugly linen pants that she picked out for me & I tried on only to humor her (I say humor her early in the day...by the end of the day I find myself doing things to shut her up...but really...is there a difference?). She laughed & said that they made me look tall. She couldn't get over how funny she thought that was. The kissup sales girl chimed in that she thought it was true...yes...they magically elongated my body to epic heights. I stripped off the pants in front of Ms. Iworkoncomission&will sayANTHINGtomakeasale & handed them to her while she looked at me stupidly.

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