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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Garden in Transit

Everywhere you walk around NYC you see beautifully blooming flowers on taxis.

They just popped up out of nowhere recently (you can't help but notice).

Turns out they are the result of thousands of children's imaginations.

I'm a complete sucker for any public art project & their power to heal.

A couple of years ago I found myself walking in Central Park under The Gates created by Christo & installed by the people of NY.

It transformed the park.

The spirit of these flowers traveling around NY are making the streets sort of magical.

"Hundreds of schools, hospitals and after-school programs throughout the City and beyond are participating in Garden in Transit. And thousands of adults are volunteering to lend a hand for what Mayor Bloomberg describes as a "mammoth, once-in-a-lifetime effort." When complete, the project will be a tangible lesson in the power of teamwork and collaboration."

Read about it HERE.

Volunteer to help HERE.
(I will if you will.)


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