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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Land Shark

While waiting for a moron to get her ass off a treadmill so I could get on it at the gym today (she was just STANDING THERE talking...get off already!)...

This is the conversation I heard:

Trainer: "You look good in blue."

Making Me Wait Girl:
"It brings out the blue in my eyes." (did she just say that? Compliment yourself much? To other people? Huh?).

Trainer: Smiles & just stands there as she brattles on & on something about sailing the Galapagos Islands. As she chatters on...he starts interrupting her story by saying, "Row, row" (making fun of her boat story? I'm starting to like him).

She's now going on by telling him about the fact that she saw sharks on her incredible sailing adventure...& he's doing the landshark bit from Saturday Night Live (maybe he watched the Best of SNL on Comedy Central a few days ago too). Every few minutes in her story...he interrupts her with a...landshark...out of nowhere & she isn't getting it...I love it.

This cracks me up every damn time:


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