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Friday, October 12, 2007


Things I Learned This Friday

Maybe I'm just highly suggestible...but...when he made that ick sound when I told him I ate too much humus at lunch...I felt an instant glut in my gut.

Drinking this stuff won't help any. It sort of has a light white tea taste with a strangely cocunutty aftertaste to it. Can't figure out where that's coming from...but whatever...it's making my humus gut worse.

I need to buy some shoes this weekend. I've been over-wearing my black ballet flats & I'm sick of it.

Getting up at 6am for any reason (any reason at all) is just plain stupid.

I function at less than half speed at 6am.

Finally, I learned that I love Fridays in October when the Sox are playing & I'll be able to get home in time for the first pitch.


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