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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I was obsessed with this woman for the 10 minutes I was in the locker room with her (& for the 10 minutes it took to write this). Why? Because she wouldn't acknowledge my presence in any way shape or form.

Don't you usually nod or smile or even (dare I say it?) say hello to those people who's name you may not know, but you see them all the time & know their faces?

I see this woman at least a couple times a week in the locker room. Usually, we are the only 2 women in there at the time. It's a small room & there's just no friggin way you could overlook someone...but yet she does. I've nodded & gotten an "I see through you" stare from her. I've said, "Hi" & gotten no response. Today, I heard a huge opportunity come my way as the sound of her sneeze hit my ears. "Bless you", I said. (I know she heard me, damn it). "Nothing", she said. She didn't even look my way.

Maybe she's deaf, you say? Well, wouldn't she sign me something?

She's about 5'6" tall with a boyish build (small breasts, no defined waist, no butt, very flat stomach). She takes an unseemingly long time blow drying her hair, she always uses a blue towel when drying off after her shower & she never, ever wears skirts.

If you see her, ask her why I've been obsessed with her for a total of 20 minutes today. I doubt she'll answer you either.


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