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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So Far Today I...

...had to run back inside my house while trying to leave for work because I forgot my iPod (& there will be no cardio at the gym EVER without it). I left the car running, ran through the front door, tripped going up the stairs & sort of landed on my nose (it got pushed up like Porky Pig's snout & ouch...that hurts...& looks silly).

...while getting out of the car at work, I went to get my bag out of the passenger's side & smacked my hand hard between my car door & the side mirror of the car parked next to me. That smarts & it's affecting my mouse hand (& it seems to be swelling up rather nicely).

...oh yeah, & in between, I almost violently turned the car into oncoming traffic while trying to set the clock back by reaching through the steering wheel & pushing the clock button.

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