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Thursday, December 06, 2007



Damn it...how did I rip my pants at work today?

Want to know?

It was a small rip on the seam on my right thigh.

You'd have thought I'd have ripped 'em right up the ass...but luckily, no.

So I just pulled my sweater down low over my hips & down to cover up the exposed skin.

I was in the middle of a yoga pose in the ladies room...

(I've heard of people doing stranger things in there).

When I heard that awful RIPPING sound that we all dread.
Checked my ass first...like I said...nope.

Then I checked the cuffs by my shoes

(since I was down there anyway)

No rip there either.

Just when I thought I was home free

I spied the tear by my sewn shut pocket.


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