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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Spencer Winston

Phone rings at 6:30 AM & I do not answer it.

The message comes on & the caller hangs up.

2 minutes later.

Ring, ring.

I answer it thinking it must be important (& the phone with caller ID is down stairs).

Me: Hello? (I think that's what I said...but at 6:30 so it's anyone's guess).

Spencer Winston: Is Vernon there?

Me: No one here by that name.

SW: Is this 832#^&*%!__(*?

Me: (Saying nothing while some undetectable by me series of numbers bounces around my head so damn early in the morning).

SW: Hangs up.

6:32 AM...ring, ring...

I don't answer...but I now have his name & number etched in my caller ID log.

What time to you think would be appropriate to call him none stop in the morning for 11 straight weekend days in a row? Should I be rude or nice as pie? What sort of accent should I speak with? Should I be wearing pants when I call?

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