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Monday, February 11, 2008


Happy almost Tuesday.

Did I mention how cold it's starting to get around here? I went outside today & froze my insides off (I took these photos just to prove I actually went outside). If you have any warm stories for me...now would be the time to tell me.

I watched what I thought would be a steamy movie this weekend. It was called Sex & Lucia (or LucĂ­a y el sexo...it's in Spanish with subtitles). I'll watch a movie with subtitles if it's worth it...this one wasn't.

This movie was full of what where supposed to be sensual?...or just phallic? symbols. She's on an island...passing a lighthouse, falling down a hole...gee, please smack me upside the head with a hard dick...I GET IT!

& if that wasn't bad enough...images of this gorgeous naked woman are ruined completely when one minute she's loving herself in the shower & the very next second we have to endure her on the potty...um...why?

You don't want to know the rest of it...trust me.

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