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Monday, February 04, 2008


Here's Spit in Your Eye

My eye is stinging. It's because I got spinach dip in it. I was dipping a cucumber slice into the dip & I must have done it with too much force because a blob of the green stuff splashed up & hit me in the left eyeball. When I looked in the mirror I expecting to see a huge spinach leaf hanging out of my eye socket. Nope...nothing...but that was over an hour ago & it still stings.

I got up this morning & thought...that punch in the gut is just around the corner...I just know it...it's just a sneaking suspicion...but it's there today...threatening me... two steps behind me...ready to knock the wind out of me when I least suspect it.

If you are a morning person...explain how you get out of bed all happy & sweet in the morning...go ahead...I dare you. It's not that I'm cranky in the morning...just don't bang on the bars around my cage & we'll be ok & there may not be any blood shed at all (& wouldn't that be nice?).

What the hell is wrong with me? I felt like a soufflé for a couple of days...it was an awesome feeling...all airy & flaky...but then I realized that the word soufflé comes from the French verb...souffler...which means to blow up...ok...don't get smart with me...you caught me...I looked it up...ok? are you happy now?


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