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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Super Fat Tuesday

My friend sent out a mass e-mail imploring his friends " if you care about me at all...you'll do me a favor and please vote for Ron Paul tomorrow, February 5th in the NJ or NY primary... It would mean a lot to me."

Fact is, I'm a registered INDEPENDENT & proud of it (so I can't vote in the primary). I mean really...do you want to affiliate yourself with either party at this point?

I do however have an irrational hatred brewing for crying Hillary...although...having good ol' Bill in the White House again would surely be entertaining. Think he can score himself another girlie who will blow him...then save her dress with the presidential seal all over it? I never got that part of the story...does she not believe in dry cleaning? Or was it some kind of memento of the great times she had under Dick's...I mean Bill's desk?

I heard a reporter say that Hillary is like America's ex-wife...& now our alimony is due.

Also...she's like the 4th grade teacher in who's class we all wished we were dead.

The question: Is America ready for a woman president? (I think so).

The real question: Is America ready for THIS woman? (As a woman...I refuse to accept her as a member of my gender).

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