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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Open House

I went to meet my mom at an open house the other day.

She sells real estate on the side.

Someone in her office had a listing in my town.

Beautiful house on a park-like 4 acres.

I walked in to find my mother not there.

The listing agent, Anthony was.

I told him I was only there to meet my mom & not to bother giving me the "please buy this house" pitch.

He said he'd show me the house anyway.

No one came to this open house due to the crappy market & the extreme heat.

As we walked thorough all the rooms...

Anthony snuck in questions here & there like...

"Soooo...how old is your mom?"


I know she'd kill me if I told another soul.

When I was a kid we'd celebrate her 29th birthday every stinkin year.

After 1,000 more Mom questions...

I sort of got the idea that he was pre-hitting on mom through me...

while trying to pressure me into buying a house at the same time.

Novel approach...I have to say.

It was all worth it in the end.

I gave mom the headsup on good ol' Anthony.

& I plan to go back to the backyard with my camera soon

if no one buys this vacant & lovely house.


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