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Monday, September 15, 2008


I had a lovely brunch with a friend yesterday.

Haven't seen her since last year.

It was great catching up.

The whole thing was almost ruined by my boneheadedness.

As I was running into the restaurant

I spied a guy on the street selling the cutest little beaded bags that you have ever seen.

& they were only 8 dollars.

Like I could pass that up.

I picked one out lickety split.

(it's pink with red & pink beads...adorable).

I ran the 1/2 block to the restaurant.

She was already there waiting for me.

Of course she was.

That's the way it goes.

I showed her my purchase with glee.

"Isn't it preeeettty?"

"Don't you love it?"

"OK, enough of that"

& I went to jam it into my other bag.

Only to discover that my wallet was...um, gone.

Holy shit.

I started to shake.

I had a moment of paralyzation.

Total & complete.

So much so, that the old woman at a nearby table asked me what was wrong.

She told me to calm down.

We'll work this out...she said.


I calmly (yeah, right) headed for the door.

Maybe my wallet was still on the street where I'd dropped it?

I saw the maitre de.

on an impulse I asked him if he'd found a black leather wallet.

He said he did & asked me my name.

Once I remembered it

He produced my wallet from a drawer.

I wanted to cry.

It's only then that I noticed I was holding onto his arm for dear life.

I hugged him & went back to my table & ordered several huge pints of Smithwicks.

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