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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Power Hour

First thing this morning, I opened my e-mail...& there it was:
To: Chick

The Power Hour class tomorrow morning will be at 7am.
We will be doing 40 minutes of Spin with 20 minutes of Upper Body and Abs.
Hope to see you there!

From: Wendy, the sadistic, skinny gym whore.

Um...I don't think that's going to happen...ever! Something called...
Power Hour is bad enough...but at 7 am? What planet is this skinny bitch
from anyway?! 40 minutes of spinning?! The 20 minutes of upper body
& ab work will be a breeze after I'm numb from the fucking spinning.
Have you ever taken a spinning class? I truly believe spinning teachers
must totally embrace the S&M lifestyle (not that there's anything wrong
with that). Do normal people derive pleasure from inflicting that much
pain & humiliation on unsuspecting (although willing) subjects?

Should I go?

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